Dubbed in Seasons, the cuisine served at Carnival progresses through various themes, every few months, with a season (just like a soap opera).

Season 9

Nouvelle Indian (Current)

The creative ambassadors of “Fun” at Carnival, presents an all-new dining experience through a 9-course “Chef’s Tasting Menu”.

Season 8


This season is a journey of remarkable food inspired by they  flavours, textures and cuisines of the Asian subcontinent. Nothing from a specific country or cuisine, but an amalgamation of the flavours, cultures and cuisines across Asia, creating an amazingly elaborate menu, Carnival style.

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Season 7

International Indian

Having a team, with chefs from diverse background, has proved to be a strength more than ever in this season. We have managed to create new and exciting concepts that have been inspired by an international dish or culture, but has an Indian soul. And the combination has turned out to be just fantastically mind-blowing. Hope you enjoy it!

Season 6


This season is a journey of remarkable food inspired by books all over the world. A bookmark tasting menu is tabled that revealed every cuisine with a story. Dishes are served in bookcases including admirable book cover. It sparked the book’s nostalgia which made the plated food most winning.

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Season 5

Colonial Indian

This season was inspired by the colonial rule on India. It represented the engrossing Indian menu with significant influence of traditional Portuguese, French, and British cuisine. Every plate had the richness of European heritage and surpassed on its own terms. The glory of each recipe was that it sustained Indian essence, yet smartly utilized global culinary tricks.

Season 4

La La Land

La la land season brilliantly executed delicious fantasy. This season was all about detailed and stunning food presentations in a theatrical style. It renewed nostalgic childhood moments of joy and appetizing street food plot. Season 4 was an exclusive fashion show of exceptional toothsome modern Indian cuisine.

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Season 3


Rooted in the memories, season 3 offered the journey of childhood nostalgia to our diners. Carnival’s twist of Indian culinary with a dramatic presentation took them back to school days, reminded them about childhood birthday parties and various nostalgic flavors. Likewise, mixologist crafted beverages that excited the palate and ignited the senses. Overwhelming, sophisticated, fancy, adventurous and fun, season three was a colorful throwback with a refreshing concoction.

Season 2

Sub Urban Indian Cuisine

Season 2 was all about getting a bit of India on your plate. It Featured regional Indian dishes, which are popular within suburban parts of India. Every individual delicacy is a beautiful amalgamation, with an exciting theme, that sparks your taste buds. The Carnival team has researched various Indian regional kitchens, to serve these creative savors. From Meerut to Madurai and Bombay to Bihar, this season is a delicious culinary trip of Incredible India in Dubai.

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Season 1

Post Modern Indian Cuisine

Savour the taste of ultra-modern Indian cuisine with handpicked flavors of traditional India and global ingredients. Every palate is crafted in an impressive style with an extravagant array of textures and colors. The emphasis is given to the aspect of re- innovating Indian culinary heritage while preserving Indian aesthetic spirit.

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